The 28th SNUH International Course on Endoscopic Surgery of the Nose and
Paranasal Sinuses in conjunction with International Congress of ORL-HNS 2021
2021. 04. 22
Online Symposium


April 22 (Thu), 2021, (Online Symposium with 96-hour Access)

I. Basic Knowledge for Reference to the Rhinologists 
Nasal Microbiome and Secreted Proteome Hyun Woo Shin (Seoul National University)
The Communication Between Innate and Adaptive Immunity: Innate lymphoid Cells Dae Woo Kim (Seoul National University)
How Deep is the Inflammation in Chronic Rhinosinusitis? Sinus Wall Thickness and Blood Eosinophilia Te-Huei Yeh (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
The Role of Anaerobes in Recalcitrant Chronic Rhinosinusitis Do-Yeon Cho (University of Alabama, USA)
Break (20 min)
II. Special Consideration for Pediatric Rhinosinusitis  
Anatomic Characteristics of Pediatric Sinus Seung-No Hong (Seoul National University)
Drug Selection for Pediatric Rhinosinusitis Hyun Jik Kim (Seoul National University)
The Management of Allergy for Pediatric Sinusitis Seung-Heon Shin (Catholic University of Daegu)
ESS in Pediatrics: When and to What Extent Hyo Yeol Kim (Sungkyunkwan University)
Lunch (1 hr)
III. Extension of the Surgical Range in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery 
Endoscopic Approach to the Sellar and Parasellar Region Doo Hee Han (Seoul National University)
Endoscopic Approach to Orbit: Management of Medial Rectus Injury Do-Yeon Cho (University of Alabama, USA)
Endoscopic Management of Anterior Skull Base Tumor Tae-Bin Won (Seoul National University)
Endoscopic Approach to PPF and Nasopharynx Sang Duk Hong (Sungkyunkwan University)
Difficult Skull Base Reconstruction Ming Ying Lan (Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan)
Managing Vascular Complication during Endoscopic Endonasal Skull Base Surgery Wei-Hsin Wang (Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan)
IV. Open Case Discussion 
Case Presentation  

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